29 September 2016


Last November, during our stay in Groningen, we took the opportunity to explore other cities in The Netherlands. We had already visited Rotterdam and Gouda, so this time we decided to take a chance in Den Hague (The Hague).
The Hague, located in the western coast of The Netherlands, is the 3rd largest city in the Netherlands, and is where the dutch government administratives houses, parliament, queen's palace and others  are seatled.
Discovering Den Hague was a thrilling experience for me. The modernity and the design of the new buildings integrated with old majestic structures make the city perfect.
I could see my self perfectly living there, don't ask me why. :) It is not as touristic as Amsterdam; not as picturesque and small as Gouda or Delft...; and without the overwelming buildings of Rotterdam; but something there makes it wildly appealing!
Since we had a limited amount of time to visit the city, we had to choose carefully. So here are my top, for a half a day in this beautiful city. 

26 September 2016

My favourite SWEETS made in FRANCE

 Here goes my Top 12 french sweets.
Segue-se o meu Top 12 de doces franceses.

You can find this one everywhere around the globe, and it fits well for breakfast or a snack.
Este é fácil de encontrar em todo o mundo, e é uma saborosa aposta no pequeno-almoço ou lanche

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